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How to open a broker account with FXPrimus


Just please follow the LINK to get to FXPrimus registration website.

If you receive the below pop-up, please click Continue:


Why are we using FXPrimus branch incorporated in Vanuatu?
Due to EU regulations, the offer of FXPrimus incorporated in EU is very limited. They can only offer levarage of 1:30 (our professional trader’s strategy requires levarage of 1:100 ) and they are strictly prohibited from offering any deposit bonuses. Therefore, to receive a 100% deposit bonus as well as use the required 1:100 levarage we continue with FXPrimus Markets INTL Limited.


Now just fill in your details, create your username and password and click Register Now.



You will receive a welcome email from FXPrimus asking to verify your email address. Please click on „Verify my email address”.


After clicking „Verify my email address” you will be directed to the FXPrimus website. You should be automatically logged in. If not, please log in with the login and password you have set at the registrations. Once logged in, you will see the following popup asking to complete your personal detais – please click „Continue”.



You will see the dashboard with fields to complete.
Please start with your Personal Details.


Then upload your Proof of Identification and Proof of Residence. There are exact instructions on what is required, however should you have difficulties, please get in touch with us and we will help you to complete this step.


Our contact details are as follow:


Stephen Morgan
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Michal Ciesla
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Skype: apomcq



After completing Personal Details and uploading the required documents you have to answer some questions regarding your personal circumstances.



Now a very important step – Trading Account set up – please select the following:
Select Account Type – ECN Premier Spread
Select Leverage – 1:100
Select Deposit Currency – USD





Why are we using ECN Spread?
ECN broker only matches trades between market participants, it cannot trade against the client – this is a massive adventage and security feature for us. Also, because our trades are sent to the broad market the spreads are much narrower than those used by everyday brokers so we pay much less for each trade we open.

Why we are using USD as a base currency?
Our trader’s base currency is USD so for the system to copy trades smoothly, the same currency should be set up between master and copy account. If other currency is set up as base in copy account, it may cause glitches and delays in the copy system due to currency switching.



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